Jessi LeMay

{A favorite selfie of me and my daughter taken at the Balloon Races}

I has been behind the lens for almost two decades, using my unique blend of photography and film making to tell stories of love, stories of legacy, and stories of achievement. I have a relaxed method of shooting, which I find puts my clients at ease and makes a photo shoot, or film making session, more of a conversation than a nerve wracking experience.

Five years ago, I began my project The Folk & The Lore, where I uses the same method to record the stories from my city of Reno. I believe that it is through these stories that we, as human beings, learn about ourselves and are instilled with a sense of place. "When you know your neighbors' stories, those stories become part of your own lore, and help to develop a unique sense of place; a pride in the town and the people that make up your hometown."

In the early summer of 2015, I embarked on a Digital Storytelling mission to South Sudan for the nonprofit Five Talents International, where I captured the stories of women who, through the programs of Five Talents, became entrepreneurs.

Storytelling through photography and film making is my passion and purpose. I feel lucky to do what I do for a living.