Projects and Partners

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Reno Rodeo 100

In partnership with Reno Rodeo Foundation and Reno Rodeo Association, The Reno Rodeo 100 is multimedia project in which I collect stories from one hundred years of Reno Rodeo. I will make short documentary films, short audio docs, and will also coach individuals to tell their own story. Stories will then be shared at ten events between 2017-2019, leading up to the 100 year anniversary.

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Washoe ArTrail

Washoe County in partnership with Burning Man and multiple community partners will develop a public participatory experience through an ArTrail that celebrates cultural, historic and artistic landmarks. The ArTrail will route along the Truckee River through the cities of Reno and Sparks, turn north to historic Lake Pyramid on Paiute Tribal land, and continue to the Gerlach area in the far northern region of Washoe County, over 200 miles. My role was to conduct the Community Engagement and collect stories from our community from residents young and old. Read more…

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The Folk & The Lore

The Folk & The Lore is my personal project that operates with the mission to document stories from Nevadans through the mediums of photography, film making, and audio interviews and then share these stories with the public through our website, podcasts, exhibitions, and live storytelling events. The Folk and The Lore believes strongly in the power of the narrative, and that individual stories can become invaluable when added to the collective lore of a people. Read More…

Nevada Humanities

For the last three years, I have had the distinct honor of photographing Nevada Humanities Young Chautauquans. Founded in 1993 by Nevada Humanities, Young Chautauqua is a nationally recognized and award-winning youth program in which young scholars research and portray historical figures. Read More…

Woodburn & Wedge

The oldest law firm in Nevada celebrated a very special anniversary in 2018: One Hundred Years. Throughout 2018, I have interviewed and recorded the oral histories of shareholders, associates, and family members to the founders. Read More…


High Desert Montessori

This Washoe County, public, free charter school offers students an education that encourages all of their students to be participating members of a socially-conscious and green community by inspiring them to be critical thinkers and capable of reflection, communication, and action. Read More...